Sign Up for Superchart

If you're looking to create the most stunning Airtable and Google Sheets charts quickly and easily, then signing up for Superchart is the perfect solution. It's free to register and all you need to do is simply connect your Google account or sign up with an email address and password. With Superchart, you'll have access to all of our powerful chart-making features so that you can create the most visually impressive Airtable and Google Sheets charts quickly and easily.

Sign Up Using Google

To sign up with Google, follow these simple instructions to create your account and then log-in to Superchart:

1) Click Sign Up

First, navigate to the Superchart log-in page and choose "Sign up".

superchart sign up
Click Sign Up at the Bottom

After clicking 'sign up', you'll see a couple of options as follows.

2) Click Sign Up with Google

Click "Sign up with Google".

superchart signup with google
Sign Up for Superchart with Google

After choosing to sign up with a Google account, you'll choose which account.

3) Choose Google Account

Each Google user will have a unique Superchart account. When you integrate Google Sheets data, you'll have the option of using the same user or another Google account. The two settings (i.e. account and data integration) are independent.

superchart choose google account signup
Choose the Google Account for Sign Up

Once you choose a Google Account for sign up, you'll get a confirmation screen.

4) Account Creation Confirmed

When your Superchart account is created successfully, you'll see a confirmation screen with further instructions to get in and begin building.

superchart account created confirmation
Superchart will Confirm Account Creation

At this point, you can head back to Superchart log-in and begin building visualizations.

Sign Up Using Email and Password

To sign up with an email and password, follow these basic instructions:

1) Click Sign Up

Same as before, you'll start at the Superchart log-in and click "Sign up" at the bottom.

superchart sign up
Click Sign Up at Bottom

After clicking sign up, you'll be taken to a quick form.

2) Fill Out Email, Name, and Use Case

A short form will get you into Superchart. We need a name, an email address, and some idea of your use case to create your account.

superchart sign up
Sign Up with Email and Password

Once you've filled out the basic account details and clicked "Sign up", you'll get confirmation.

3) Account Creation Confirmed

Once your account creation is confirmed, you'll be provided with additional instructions to get into Superchart.

superchart sign up
Confirmed Account Creation

You'll get an email to confirm your address and set your password.

4) Confirmation Email

Click the link in the confirmation email to set your password. Enter a secure, eight-digit password and click "Set password". You'll be directed into Superchart!

superchart sign up
Set Your Password

Now that you have signed up for an account, peruse our other docs on integrating Airtable data, integrating Google Sheets data, choosing a visualization type, etc. to get going fast with Superchart.

Last Updated
April 13, 2023