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Create unlimited visualizations
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Connect to Airtable and Google Sheets
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Publish publicly or embed online with Superchart branding
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Export visualizations as PNG
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Everything in Free, plus:
Superchart branding removed
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1 custom theme
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Priority Support access
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Everything in Pro, plus:
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Real-time visualizations that update with live data
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Dynamic visualizations based on user properties
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Team features for collaboration, shared data & themes, and more
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Approval workflows to control publishing sign off
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Analytics hub to view interaction data
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What happens to my visualizations if I cancel my plan?
What visualization types do I have access to?
If I downgrade from a paid account to free, what happens to the visualizations I previously created?
If I upgrade from a free account to paid, what happens to the visualizations I previously created?
Are my visualizations private and protected?
Can I get a refund after upgrading to Pro?
What is the deal with the Superchart watermark?
Where can I update my billing information and see my receipts?