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Bar Chart

Sales Pipeline Opportunities by Stage

This bar chart shows the sum of annual recurring revenue by sales pipeline opportunity stage. This is a common way that sales leaders measure pipeline progress and can be easily created and kept up to date in Superchart by connecting to a Google Sheet or Airtable.
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Line Chart

Product Hunt Comments and Upvotes for 2022 New Product Launches

Product Hunt is one of the most popular places on the internet for digital product fanatics to gather and share the latest can't miss products. This line chart shows the trends in both upvotes and comments for product launches over the course of 2022.
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Column Chart

The Top 10 Most Upvoted Product Hunt Topics from 2022

Creative makers launch all sorts of different products on Product Hunt, but we wanted to know which categories get the most engagement. This column chart shows the top 10 Product Hunt topics, based on the number of upvotes for products categorized under the given topic.
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Table Chart

The Top 100 Most Upvoted Products lauched on Prouduct Hunt in 2022

With over ten thousand products launched on Product Hunt, there is an almost endless treasure trove of creative solutions that have been built and shared. We used this table chart to build a list of the top 100 most upvoted products on Product Hunt.
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All products launched in Q4 2022

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