Updating Airtable Base Access

Superchart can be connected with two different data sources, both Airtable and Google Sheets. If you've already set up Airtable as a source, it's usually easiest to modify Superchart's access to Airtable within Airtable directly.

See Integrating Airtable Data if you're wanting to walk through the first time setup.

Add Airtable Base Access

If you already have an Airtable connection to Superchart, you can modify the access provided to Superchart (i.e. bases/tables) within Airtable. Just follow these steps:

1) Log In to Airtable

airtable login
Login to Airtable

2) Choose Integrations from the Profile Menu

airtable integrations
Choose Integrations in Airtable Menu

3) Choose Third-Party Integrations

third party airtable integrations
Choose Third Party Airtable Integrations

4) Select Superchart and Modify Access

You can add bases, remove bases, or revoke access to Airtable from the Superchart integration.

WARNING: Revoking access to a data source will cause issues in modifying or refreshing data visualizations associated with that source.

superchart airtable integration
Choose Superchart Integration
Last Updated
March 13, 2023