Refresh Data

Creating a visualization creates a snapshot of your source data. To refresh the data from the source, you need to do so on a visualization-by-visualization basis. Follow these steps to update the data in your visualization:

1) Click Refresh Data

First, use the refresh data button to update the data from the source.

superchart refresh chart data
Refresh Superchart Data

Once your data has been refreshed, you'll get a confirmation message.

2) Click Publish

Go into the publish menu by clicking 'Publish'. Toggle the public access off for the visualization.

superchart refresh chart data republish
Republish Chart After Data Refresh

3) Republish Visualization

Toggle the public access back on for the visualization. The embed code won't change for your visualization. You will now see updated data anywhere the chart is embedded.

superchart republish visualization same embed
Republish Visualization with Same Embed

Note: We do plan on allowing paid users to schedule automatic data refreshes, but this is currently not available in Superchart v0.1 ... Sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Last Updated
March 1, 2023