Select Data to Visualize from Google Sheets

After setting up Google Sheets as a data source, you can create a visualization from Google Sheets data in Superchart. Follow these basic steps:

1) Click Create Visualization

Click "+Create visualization" to begin building from scratch.

superchart create viz
Create Google Sheets Chart

After clicking create, you'll need to choose a data source.

2) Select Google Sheets

If you have multiple data sources, choose Google Sheets as the data source.

superchart chart on google sheets
Visualize Data on Google Sheets

After clicking Google Sheets and confirming, you'll choose a specific data set.

3) Choose a Spreadsheet and Sheet

As a database in Superchart, select a Google Sheets spreadsheet. For a table, choose a sheet within that spreadsheet.

superchart google sheets choose spreadsheet sheet
Choose Google Sheet Spreadsheet and Table for Chart

After you've selected a spreadsheet and sheet, you'll import your data.

4) Click Import Data

Importing your data will take a one-time snapshot of the current information. Once connected to a specific Google Sheets spreadsheet, you can always refresh the data feeding a Superchart visualization.

superchart import google sheets data for chart
Import Google Sheets Data for Chart

From here, you'll be taken to configure a visualization from the Google Sheet spreadsheet and table you've chosen.

Last Updated
March 1, 2023