Manage Visualizations

To manage your visualizations, log in to Superchart and navigate to My Visualizations. From there, you can take a few actions:

Published/Unpublished Status

In your gallery of visualizations, you can easily see which visualizations are currently published and which are unpublished via the icon. Green icon = published; grey icon = unpublished.

superchart publish unpublish status
Published/Unpublished Status

Duplicate Visualization

Creating a variation of a visualization or using an existing visualization as a starting point is easy. You can duplicate a visualization from the My Visualizations page.

superchart duplicate viz
Copy (Duplicate) Chart

Copy Embed

For visualizations that are published, you can grab the embed code for the visualization here easily as well.

superchart copy viz embed
Copy Chart Embed

Delete Visualization

Use the three-dot menu on an individual visualization to delete it permanently.

superchart delete viz
Delete Visualization

You'll need to confirm the deletion, just to ensure you're ok wiping out the visualization entirely.

superchart confirm delete viz
Confirm Delete Visualization
Last Updated
March 1, 2023