Integrate Google Sheets Data

After signing up for Superchart, you'll land on the data sources page. Follow these steps to connect Google Sheets data:

1) Add Google Sheets Integration

On the Data Sources tab in Superchart, you'll see a list of possible integrations. For now, Airtable and Google Sheets data are the integration options. We plan to add more as Superchart matures. Click "+ Google Sheets integration".

superchart add a google sheets data source
Add a Google Sheets Integrated Data Source

You'll be taken to a familiar screen asking you to "Sign in with Google".

2) Sign In to Google

Sign in to Google using the correct Google account. Remember, this is a data integration. This user should have access to the appropriate Google Sheets data. It can be the same or different from the user used to create your Superchart account. The two are managed independently.

superchart google sheets data source choose account
Choose Google Account

After logging in to Google or choosing a logged-in Google account, you'll want to confirm Superchart access.

3) Confirm Superchart Access to Drive/Sheets

After logging in to Google, Superchart will need access to Google Drive and Google Sheets. Access to Drive is for basic permission to view files. Access to see Google Sheets spreadsheets allows you to choose a spreadsheet and work with that data in Superchart. We don't store your data.

When presented with the access approval for Google, make sure to check necessary boxes before clicking continue:

superchart integrate google sheets data

After allowing Superchart permission to view your Google Sheets files, you will see a list of spreadsheets and worksheets from Google Sheets. If someone shares a spreadsheet with that Google account, it will be available for visualization in Superchart. Also, if you add sheets to a spreadsheet, the integration will reflect those updates without any need to update the integration.

Last Updated
April 13, 2023