Manage Published Visualizations

For published visualizations in Superchart, there are a few actions you can take:

Update a Visualization

Any change to a visualization in Superchart, like refreshing the data from the source (i.e. Google sheet, Airtable base, etc.) or changing the configuration, requires a republish. Additional capabilities will arrive in the future for Pro members, including the ability to automate the data refresh. For now, just follow these simple steps.

To update a chart, click 'Publish' on the visualization configuration page.

1) Toggle to Unpublished

First, unpublish the visualization by toggling 'Make public to embed visualization' to off.

superchart manage published embed visualizations
Toggle to Unpublished

After getting confirmation that the visualization is unpublished, you can change the toggle back to on and publish the visualization again as shown below.

2) Republish Visualization

When you toggle a visualization back on, the embed code will be identical to before. No need to go to your website or blog and update the embed.

superchart republish visualization
Republish Visualization

Unpublish Visualization

To unpublish a visualization and remove it from any web pages where the embed exists, follow these simple steps.

1) Toggle to Unpublished

Same as above, you need to toggle the visualization off in the publish menu as shown.

superchart unpublish visualization embed
Unpublish Visualization

2) Check Embed

As long as your visualization remains unpublished, you will see this image anywhere the visualization code is embedded. It's best to check and ensure the visualization is removed from other pages.

superchart manage published embed remove
Double Check Page Embed

Don't fret. If you unpublish something by accident, just turn that toggle back on under the publish menu and your chart will magically reappear.

superchart republish visualization
Publish Visualization Again

Last Updated
March 1, 2023