Configure a Column or Grouped Column Chart

A column chart will start to build with a column and a value. Values should be numeric, as they'll be plotted on a chart. Columns are often categories. To get started building a column chart, follow these easy steps:

1) Name the Column Chart

First, give the column chart a descriptive name. Something that will remind you of the data and intent.

superchart column chart name
Column Chart - Name

After naming the column chart, start by configuring a column.

2) Add Column

The field in the column configuration will represent categories on the x-axis of the column chart.

superchart column chart add column
Column Chart - Column

After adding one or more columns, add a value next.

3) Add Value

Add a field to the value configuration by dragging it in. Ensure that the aggregate function (i.e. sum, max, min, average, etc.) is correct.

superchart column chart add value
Column Chart - Value

If you want a grouped column chart, you can add multiple fields to the value configuration. Otherwise, move to filter configuration.

4) Add Filters (Optional)

As a final step, you can filter out unwanted data to focus in the column chart on the most important and accurate information.

superchart column chart add filters
Column Chart - Filter

Once you've finished configuring filters, you can publish the chart to embed it or share a png of the result.

Example Google Sheets Embedded Column Chart

Here is an example of some Google Search Console Data exported to Google Sheets and embedded as a basic column chart in this post.

Last Updated
March 7, 2023