Integrate Airtable Data

After signing up for Superchart, you'll land on the Data Sources page. Follow these steps to connect Airtable data:

1) Add Airtable Integration

Click "+ Airtable integration" to create Airtable charts in Superchart. You'll be asked to connect your Airtable account.

superchart add airtable integration data source
Add Airtable Data Source

You'll be presented with a familiar Airtable login prompt.

2) Sign In to Airtable

Sign in to Airtable as a first step. If you're already logged in, you may skip past this step.

superchart add airtable data source login to airtable
Sign In to Airtable

Once you're into an Airtable account, you'll be presented with an access request for Superchart.

3) Add Base(s) and Grant Access

You determine which base(s) to which Superchart has access. Add at least one. You can always go back into Airtable and modify the access fairly easily. It's best to pull in only what is necessary. Click "Grant access" when you're all finished selecting Airtable bases.

superchart add airtable base in data sources
Choose the Base(s) and Grand Access

Superchart will grab the basic info on tables and fields from Airtable. After loading, you will see a list of Airtable databases, tables, and views upon which you can create Superchart visualizations.

superchart airtable base table information
Data Sources and Tables

Now that Superchart has access to view your Airtable data, get started building a visualization.

Last Updated
March 1, 2023