How Dropscout uses Superchart to deliver NFT insights to their audience

Dropscout integrates their Airtable data with Superchart to embed tables of NFT data onto their website. They allow their users to analyze top performing projects, find investment opportunities, and more.


Dropscout emerged with the surge of popularity in NFTs (non-fungible tokens). With hundreds of new NFT projects launching every day across dozens of different platforms, it became increasingly difficult for collectors to stay updated and cut through the noise to find projects they were interested in collecting. 

Dropscout was created to provide a one-stop shop with a curated list of vetted NFT projects to help collectors discover their next prized possession. 

As part of their offering, they provide tables of NFT data to allow their users to analyze top performing projects, find investment opportunities, and more.



The Dropscout team places a high focus on data quality and processes. They had all the data they needed in Airtable, and even had it pre-aggregated to make it easy to display to their users. 

The challenge was finding a simple solution to sync with Airtable and display embedded tables on their Webflow site. 

They needed the tables to be embedded so that they could keep the data up-to-date and also allow for their users to scroll and search through the data to find projects of interest. 

The most advanced solutions they considered required coding skills that they didn’t have. Other solutions were too complex and expensive for their simple use case, and the most simple solutions only offered static PNGs to display their data.


Dropscout uses Superchart to connect to their Airtable data and create tables that they embed in Webflow. 

“We have the data we need, in the format we need. We needed a simple solution to display that data on our site for our users to consume. With Superchart, it was easy to connect to Airtable and embed our data into Webflow. The tables look great by default and it’s easy to keep them up-to-date.” 

They primarily use table visualizations so that their users can view all the data and search through it to discover what's most important to them. 

Every week, as they collect new data into Airtable, they refresh their Superchart visualizations so that their embedded tables update directly on their site.



  • Increased value offered to users through Dropscout by providing data insights 
  • Saw an increase in average time spent on site and click through rates to NFT projects 
  • Saved 2 hours per week by eliminating the need to re-create charts, grab screenshots, and update their site 
  • Better looking table designs that feel on brand

Link to Dropscout's NFT Leaderboard page with Superchart embedded


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